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Scene Info

Lean lesbians Amber & Maxine get frisky

  • Updated 08-09-2017 |
  • Length 17:00 min |
  • Size 323 MB |
  • Images 5 |
Starring Amber, Maxine
Categories Lesbians

Amber and Maxine are two young dyke punks who get frisky even just thinking about tits. When they start making out on the couch, it doesn't take either one of them long before their minds turn to dirtier thoughts. Pulling off each others' clothes, the two girls both have smooth, lean bodies and small, youthful breasts. Giggly and horny, they touch each other gently at first but with a growing urge for more. It isn't long before the toys come out, with a strap-on up her ass and a vibrator buzzing on the inside of her pussy. Both girls have a grin on their face the whole video, right up until the end when they've satisfied each others' carnal cravings.