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Sabrina Johnson

Sabrina Johnson's Biography :

Sabrina Johnson: Porn Star Sabrina Johnson is a lithesome lovely from Great Britain who's been romping her way through the American porno scene since 1996. She's a ready-for-anything brunette with long, lank hair and an incredibly thin and rangy figure. Sabrina Johnson's got a cute, pixieish face with deep, dazzling dark eyes that really helps give her the look of an upper class English snob gone sex-crazy. Her scrumptious little frame is home to one of the tightest back sides in the business and is topped with a pair of tart and tiny breasts. All in all, Sabrina Johnson's a picture of petite sexual sizzle. Sabrina Johnson first hit U.S. porno screens in late 1996 at the age of 19, racking up a short list of white-hot credits that included 'Amsterdam Nights #01 and #02' and the British-based 'World Sex Tour #07.' She then jetted back to her native England for almost a year before returning to Southern California with a new-found dedication to hardcore success. Since then, Sabrina Johnson's established herself as a do-anything strumpet with a penchant for down and dirty anal action, the kind of never-say-never vixen who's always welcome in the porno ranks. Sabrina Johnson's known for sometimes mugging for the camera during sex, winking or lasciviously leering into the lens. Sabrina Johnson's been in plenty of steamy scenes since her 1996 debut.